National Yearling Sale Now Online

PGG Wrightson Standardbred is offering a unique opportunity for breeders to sell their yearlings in 2020 through bidr®. With changes in the market occurring in the last year, PGG Wrightson Standardbred believe bidr® offers a fresh, modern approach to selling yearlings in its inaugural February 2020 online sale.

PGG Wrightson (PGW) is highly experienced in standardbred auctions having been the market leader for many years. The company are now leading the field offering an innovative platform that allows people from across New Zealand and overseas to bid at an online yearling auction. By using the new bidr® platform PGW is utilising the most recent technology that offers you, a potential bidder or vendor at auction, the most efficient and streamlined process possible and this will ultimately benefit the entire harness racing industry.

bidr® is an online, real time, auction platform making it unique from other, more traditional options. Using the bidr® platform has the clear advantage of reducing stress on the animals, by removing the need for the horse to travel to a sale, which in turn, significantly reduces travel costs to the vendor.

To allow interested parties to see yearlings before auction day in person, the PGG Wrightson Standardbred team are looking to hold tours throughout various regions of New Zealand.

Currently bidr® is used for selling cows, sheep and deer. The sale results have been extremely satisfying to vendors with strong prices and the actual online bidding platform has been well received by the farming community.

When PGW receives sufficient support to run this inaugural online bidr® auction, the standardbred team will then look at hosting the event in Christchurch. This provides all those interested in this yearling sale with a choice – to attend in person or bid online using the bidr® platform.

If you have any questions about this new, innovative process please contact one of our standardbred representatives, Cameron Grant on 027 238 8586 or Kelly Jackson on 027 232 0734.  

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